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The Shifting Of The Poles

“...and great earthquakes shall be in divers places” 

Luke 21:11

Matthew, Mark, and Luke are known by bible scholars as the synoptic gospels. These three (3) writers reminded us of a statement by Jesus concerning earthquakes. Jesus said that in the end there would be earthquakes in divers places. We are even now living in a time when earthquakes have picked up. The last ten (10) years has seen a definite rise in earthquake and volcanic activity. What is causing this increased activity? What is causing the strange weather patterns (floods, tornadoes, severe weather)? What is causing the increase in early morning fogs across the world? What is causing the glaciers to melt and the much spoken of “Global Warming”? Why have real cute names like El Nino and La Nino been given to describe these symptoms? Allow me to cut with the suspense and give you the information that God has given me.

The world is getting ready to have an experience never before witnessed by modern man. An event so strong, it will affect the lives of all who are witness to it and who are still alive to see the end results. The Earth is preparing to shift and some scientists are seeing signs of the Shifting of the Magnetic Poles. Many will find this information incredible and hard to believe. However, just as sure as God has said so, it will happen. There are those who are already aware that this event is getting ready to take place (I will further discuss how they know in the section on “The Great Deception”). Others are not sure but have a strong feeling that something major is getting ready to happen. Major earthquakes are soon to occur measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale. Massive flooding with the overflowing of oceans, rivers and lakes will occur in conjunction with major windstorms. Jesus knew that these events would be in our end of time and used their occurrence to signal the end of the end of time.

In order to properly understand what is going on with this earth, one would need to visit the NASA pages on space weather and pay attention to earthquake and volcanic activity. When we speak of space weather we are directly referring to how the activity of the sun affects the earth. The sun is very much related to the earth just like the moon is related. The sun has a magnetic field and so does the earth. Scientist have charted that every eleven (11) years the sun goes through a cycle. It is said by scientist that we are now in solar cycle 23. During a solar cycle the sun gets hotter with strong activity and then simmers back down. This cycle is repeated over and over again.

When the sun gets hotter and has a high number of sun spots and these sun spots can have twisted magnetic fields which causes the spots to harbor the ability for C, M, and X class flares. In addition to the flares, coronal holes develop that causes high speed solar winds and there are events called CME (coronal mass ejections). These CMEs are ejected off the sun at an incredible rate of speed and are the cause for solar wind storms. Also the flares can cause an increase in highly radioactive proton density all around the earth. This is not good for the earth as the continual buffeting causes damage to the only protection the earth has which is its magnetic field. The magnetic field of the earth is now being frequently bombarded by the CMEs and frequently has to dip southward (downward) to strengthen itself for the blow it receives. This also causes what is know as the Northern Lights. This continual buffeting of the earth causes problems in the center of the earth. The magnetic problems affect the gravity which is basically located in the center of the earth. This causes friction in the center of the earth which increases heat and makes the lava even hotter. When the lava gets hotter this heat causes the oceans to become warmer from the bottom up, melting glaciers and causing global warming. The heat is within the earth and not outside. Friction in the earth is causing the rotation of the earth to decelerate at a rapid rate. This is mostly unnoticeable at first but will soon be recognizable. The earth will eventually come to a stop in its rotation. This will certainly cause major earthquakes, global flooding and global windstorms, tornados and an unusual period of darkness. The earth is being pulled downward at it attempts to protect itself bowing to the blow of the forces from the sun. This is where we get the shifting of the magnetic field of the earth. Proof of this can be seen when one discovers that runways on airfields have been renumbered to reflect the change in the longitudinal and latitudinal readings. The warming of the waters of our lakes, rivers and oceans from the bottom is causing the appearance of heavy fog which is condensation that occurs whenever the temperature of the water is warmer than the atmosphere around it.

I could go on and on with information about this event that God has explained to me. You may go here to see an example of what happens to the earth now when there is a CME. Please see pictures below. I pray that all who read these pages will prepare themselves by trusting in the true and living God. The God who is Jesus Christ who came to earth to assist us a long time ago. I say unto all “Watch and pray”.


   CHART WITH SUNSPOT  PREDICTIONS                       



Left: A CME Billows Away From The Sun


CME With X-Class Flare Showing High Density Of  Protons That Are Highly Radioactive








Another CME Billowing From Sun



                                          CME Coming From Sun

            Sun Spots On Sun   



   The Affect Of Solar Flares Result In Aurora Borealis (discolorations of skies) Normally this takes place in the northern parts of the world, however lately they have been seen further south than normally seen.