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The Great Deception 

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if possible, they shall deceive the very elect..

Matt 24:24

Let me start this information by saying that all information given on this site, including this page is given by God. There are no speculations or any attempts here by me to interpret scripture. I know this hard for some Christians because there are some Christians who actually believe the Holy Spirit has had His tongue removed in these modern days since they believe He only speaks in the bible. Those who feel this way must have thrown the Holy Spirit in the bible locked the door and threw the key away.

Let me lay the groundwork for this page by reminding us of some events the bible makes known to us. We learn in the bible that in the beginning God created the "heavens" and the "earth". Of course the bible deals strongly with the things of earth and some things of the heavens. One of the things about the heavens mentioned in the bible is concerning the events dealing with the first angel created by God called Satan. In the heavens Satan caused a rebellion that also affected planet Earth. This rebellion caused one third of the angels to side with Satan, as they overestimated their abilities. Satan and his fallen angels were cast out of heaven with only Satan being allowed to enter God's presence ever again. Wherever the angels were when they fell they were condemned to that location. In other words that location became their prison and their hell. You may ask "How could this be prison?" Well if you could once roam the vastness of the entire universe and then found yourself confined to just one puny solar system, wouldn't you recognize it as prison?

So what are the fallen angels confined to earth doing? Since they know that their time is short, they have been and are preparing this world for a "Great Deception". Jesus called it deception so strong, that if possible it would deceive the very elect. This deceptive plan has been worked on and planned for a very, very long time. In this modern time (which is also the very end of time) man has seen many things that has caused him to question the meaning of life. The fallen angels have sought to answer this question by introducing information, misinformation, and disinformation about abductions, ufos, and "Aliens". This information has been heavily disseminated through the movie and television industry through shows like "ET", "Star Trek" and similar productions. There have been many abductions, some reported and many not reported out of fear of ridicule.

So what gives here? Well in the very near future there will be an announcement by public officials that they have discovered highly intelligent life forms in our air space. The name that will be given to these beings is "ALIENS" instead of "Fallen Angels", as they really are. The fallen angels really made a big push in their plans when they purposely crash landed one of their vessels in order to deceive man. Government officials thought they had stumbled upon alien space creatures when they came upon the crashed vessel in Roswell, NM in 1947. The incident was hushed in the interest of so called national security. The duping of this government and others governments continues to this day. In the fake crash, there was truly only one fallen angel. the rest were "CLONES" created by the fallen angels. The fallen angels know that if they can cause mankind to believe in aliens' that they can also create problems with lukewarm Christians. These lukewarm Christians will become foolish virgins as they become sucked in by the lies of the fallen angels/Aliens who will declare they have no need for a Savior and ask you why you think you need one.

There are no aliens visiting this planet, but there are quite a few fallen angels who are disguising themselves as Aliens in an attempt to deceive mankind. The fallen angels/aliens are pretending to be helpful by warning humanity about coming catastrophes. The fallen angels love to mingle truth with lies to make the lie harder to catch. They even like to use what some call near death experiences to educate and instruct humans on events that are soon to happen. The persons having these near death experiences think they have been privileged to see and hear things that sets them above the crowd. The fallen angels/Aliens mimic religion to appear to be promoting Godliness and righteousness when part of their main goal is to allow you to believe in a divine being and even call Him God, but they want to emphatically and firmly root out and need for Jesus Christ as Savior. They want to root out any understanding that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. Unfortunately mankind has been set up for this Great Deception for a long time. God does not want to lose any of His children, therefore He has commissioned me to give this warning.

The fallen angels’ agenda also includes trading technology with governments they are involved with, setting up bases by permission from governments and the abduction of humans. Fallen angels are only allowed to go as far as God will allow them. As mankind progresses in his sinfulness, God allows them more of a free hand. They will not be allowed to truly land openly and fully participate in earthly matters until after the rapture when ALL believers have been taken by God to a place he has prepared for them. However abductions have been made by fallen angels for experimentation. Even though they would like the governments to think otherwise, their main reason for abductions of humans is for trying to find a way to create a soul. You see they have a problem. They do not have a soul but humans do. They are aware that it is the fact that we have a soul that allows us the ability to be forgiven and have eternal life. Satan is hoping to find a way to create a soul in order to be able to live eternally. So they continuously tamper with genetics as they did before the flood of Noah’s day and they continue to clone. Learning to create a soul however is one thing God will never allow them to learn to do. This is known by the fallen angels, however they continue to attempt hoping to find the answer.

Let me add that it is impossible for fallen angels/aliens to abduct true stout hearted believers. The authority of Jesus is one that they most strongly fear. They may attempt to abduct a true Christian but once they discover that they are dealing with a true Christian the abduction stops immediately. Every believer should use the name of Jesus most fearlessly if an attempt is ever made to abduct. Never be afraid to call upon the name of Jesus!!

In light of this information, what must one do about the information concerning the fallen angels/Alien agenda? One must simply place their trust firmly as Jesus Christ. One must not be straddle the fence, lukewarm, or a foolish virgin. One must be a wise virgin. Do not be mislead, confused or perplexed by the events presented by the fallen angels/Aliens. One must make their election and calling sure. Let me add that fallen angels/Aliens can not attack Christians, but they know how to turn humanity against humanity. I will discuss this information in the section on the Harvest and Christian Sufferings/Rapture. I pray you will accept this warning from God. I say unto all "Watch and pray".