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When the bible speak of fallen angels being in chains, what does it mean?

Many have asked this question in regards to the fallen angels ability to cause so many problems when they are supposed to be in chains. The understanding of these chains that are referred to in the bible is much different than most would think. In considering this let look at the words chains, chain, bound and prison as mentioned in the New Testament.

First the Greek word used for chains most of the time in the New Testament is “halusis”. However there are two different Greek words used for chains in the scriptures that refer to the chains of the fallen angel and Satan. Those words are “seira” 2 Peter 2:4 and “desmon”, Jude 1:6. Those words have a figurative meaning that is overlooked. The word seira means binding and there is not much more information on the word. However the word desmon has a figurative meaning which means impediment or disability. This more points out the fact that the fallen angel have had RESTRICTIONS placed upon them. All other verses do not use this word. It is very possible to be bound by restrictions or laws. Paul mentions this in 1 Corinthians when he says that the woman is bound by law. God has instructed me that there are many restrictions that have been placed upon the fallen angels. They are afraid to go beyond those restrictions or bounds set upon them for they know to well the ability of God to take something away from them if they do. This something that will be taken away from them is the ability to have a physical form and therefore can only exist as a demon. That is precisely what a demon is, a fallen angle who has lost the ability to have a physical form and to materialize. This is why they look for someone or something to possess.

Now when you consider that Revelations 20::4 speaks of Satan being bound for a thousand years you will discover that the Greek word used for bound is “deo”. This is the same figurative word used by Paul in 1 Corinthians when he discusses that the woman is bound by law. The Greek word used for prison in Revelations 20 is “phulake” which figuratively means condition. Therefore you have Satan bound by restrictions placed upon him by God and then after one thousand years the conditions of the restriction are removed. So you have the fallen angels in chains because they have been restricted to not being able to leave this solar system and are therefore in chains. Satan presently has full control over them and commands them and even has to answer for them to God when they go beyond their restrictions. Satan will eventually be bound for a thousand years and no longer have any control over the fallen angels for that time period. The fallen angels will be without a leader during this time and will be running wild. Then after a thousand years he will be allowed once again to control them for a season.

I can understand someone being confused over this information because it goes against the grains of traditional Christianity. I also had to deal with this problem as God taught me this information. Let me add that it does not change ones salvation because they do not know or understand this information, but it does make it a lot easier to understand the end of time events when one understands this information. It helps the pieces of the puzzle to come together.

Allow me to make an analogy that may make it easier to understand the chains of the fallen angels or Satan. If you were an ant in a house and you saw people walking through a house that took you as an ant much longer to walk through, you would begin to feel that the people are very powerful and fast. You are just coping with moving from one tile to another on the floor. On the other had, if those people in that house were under house arrest by the authorities and were not allowed to leave that house. You would not know it and you would not even consider that they were under restrictions. You would still see them as creations that are very powerful and able to do great things. The fallen angels do not want you to know that they are under arrest. This keeps the average person deceived and in awe of them. Let me close by saying this as God has instructed me. If you compare the power the power of a fallen angel to that of an angel of God, it would be like comparing a fire cracker to a nuclear bomb. The fallen angels have been severely RESTRICTED.



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